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63.0 The Reasons... Why You Are Still An Amateur At Marriage Proposals?

As you know, I have a pending list of topics to write as Blog posts. This topic is one of them. When I was preparing that list, this was at the top as I have many things to share with you all. But when I look at it before starting a new post, I did not want to take it. However, today I'm taking that topic and I would like to see your responses. Lol... If you are seeking an arranged marriage, then you would also have such memories. Sometimes I won't be able to finish this by one article. Will see...

The Main Reason for that delay was I felt a bit shy to reveal the incidents of this topic though most of them are fun. But I think that such a reveal can help someone who is working on this matter. Apart from that, I think such a reveal will help me to reduce the view of "I". Though we think that there is a person in our body, that is not the truth. We should be able to think all about these as doctrines that cannot be controlled as per our wish. I know that you will have different views regarding my point. 

However, I'm sharing this according to the Dhamma of Lord Buddha. It is not my invention. It is a Universal Truth. If you think that you have an ego, then think whether you can control your inhale and exhale as per your wish, if you are the owner of this body. So, this truth exists with us and we should perceive it within us via the practice. There should be such a thinking pattern. If you can reveal the mistakes, and silly things you did, then it will help you to reduce the view of "I”. Therefore, I think this reveal helps me to be in that correct track. Think… You will agree with me. However, you can ignore this paragraph and enjoy the rest if you do not agree with that point.

As I did not find a suitable Partner by myself, my parents decided to fulfill their responsibility. Before that, they asked whether I have someone or not. Those days, they used to check my diary. So, once they were asking about this many times, I wrote my diary accordingly to prove my response. Lol... So, they started that mission. It’s a mission. Lol... Lol... You can read This Post as a background on this topic.


The Secret Mission! However, they launched their mission secretly. I don't know why? Lol... Though they published a marriage proposal advertisement in the newspaper, they did not tell it to me. Later on, I got to know about that. I saw a piece of paper hidden under the mattress of my mother's bed. I saw that it was about the details of girls/women who were seeking for partners. So, when I was going through a few Advertisements, I saw my one. Lol... Though I cannot remember the content now, I remembered that it made me laugh. So, it was the very first step of their mission. I think they had many hopes. Hmm...

That Dream... Lol! So, it was the beginning of a damn era that critically highlighted the importance of a Marriage. Our friends and some of my cousins also started their new journeys. Therefore, it was a kind of Romantic era where we had many weddings while we were seeking for our opportunity. So, wedding times also benefited to some of my friends. But you know. At that time, I thought that it was not my time. Still, I'm thinking as so. Lol... However, it was kind of a dreamy hope that we had before seeing the marriage lives of friends, and siblings. Lol...

So, though there were many opportunities for me to find out a good fellow, my parents had to continue their mission. Therefore, they published marriage proposals in newspapers. They checked suitable proposals in the Newspaper, and so on. Meantime, they gave my details to some matrimonial organizations and people. Therefore, every weekend, I had to go through their selections and give feedback. Among them, we selected one and my parents decided to contact them.

The First Meeting! After the initial discussion by parents, everything arranged to schedule the first meeting at our home. So, there were many preparations. They prepared various foodstuffs, and I also had to prepare a suitable attire for their visit. It was the most annoying thing as I had to wear a saree as per our traditions. So, once they came, my parents welcomed them and had a small discussion. Then it was my time, and they asked me to meet them. It was the most nervous moment I had in my life. I could not Smile even. It took some time to be a normal human. Once all done, they went, and my parents were happy about him. 

But you know it was not my choice. Lol... Therefore, I kindly gave my feedback when my parents were asking for my feedback. As they kept hopes, it was not their expectation. So, they felt sad. I can remember that my father went to sleep after my response, and I got to know that it made him sad. What to do, guys?

After that, they arranged many similar meetings. I also faced them like a tired dummy. Lol... However, as I could not spend my weekends peacefully, and later on, it became a Headache. Sometimes the way they were questioning or the way they have looked at me also were some reasons for the rejections. Apart from my decisions, some guys did not respond once they left. Such situations made me happy as it did not a reason for me to get my parents' blame. I respected their Decision. Lol...  

My Plan! So, after a few months, I wanted to get rid of these proposals’ thing. Therefore, I started a programming course at the weekend. I requested a small break from my parents and I promised to get back to that matter after finishing that course. Lol... It was a big relief for me. If you know the arrangements and all then, you can understand my situation.

Time went fast, and my parents started their Job again once the requested time was over with that course. Meantime, I got a job as well. So, as I stayed in my uncle's home to go to the office, my parents launched their mission on weekdays also at their home too. Therefore, meetings were scheduled at our homes and my uncles' home. So, it was a Horrible Era where I had to manage my nervous feelings in front of strangers. I think it happened to them also as I was a stranger to them. So, most of the time, both did not smile friendly even. Lol... 

Family Visits! Some guys came with their whole family including parents, siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, and kids. So, such visits look like small gatherings. Lol... Once they came, the entire crowd started to ask questions and some silly things made me angry. In such cases, I gave my response without thinking twice. However, those were very uncomfortable situations, though those are fun memories now. I don't know why did they bring their entire family? Lol...

However, some fellows got friendly with my sisters and cousins. They did not talk to me much and spoke with them like long time Friends. Lol... The same situation happened to one of my cousin sisters as well. One guy came to visit her with his parents, and at that time I had to continue the conversation with him as he did not talk with my cousin's sister well. Luckily, both of us were IT professional. Therefore, we had some points to discuss in that uncomfortable conversation. 

As a common issue that happens to IT guys, he also had dark circles around his eyes. Those were like the eyes of a drunk person. It looks like he did not have enough sleep, and it was my thought. Appearance and his unfriendly behavior were the main reasons for my sisters' rejection. Lol… If both parties could understand that all are strangers to each other, then I think things would change.

However, we could share good impressions with each other in a few meetings, and such situations put the second step. Getting to know each other! Lol...

Friday, January 24, 2020

62.0 Best Bath Tips You Will Read This Year. How To Enjoy Your Bath Time?

Hobbies! Today, I wanted to bring an article about one of my hobbies. I hope that you also have similar experiences that you can compare with my story. Please don't forget to share it with us if you have a fun bath than us. Sometimes this will be your hobby too. I know most of the people enjoy their bath time if they do not have a hurry for another schedule. If we can go out to have a bath with a few friends, then it will arrange a great get together.

In one of my posts, I wrote how did I bath when I was a kid. If you wish to read more about it, you can go through this article. Childhood is a mesmerizing memory, and that Bath Time was a valuable addition to that memory. As we did not have a tight schedule, we had enough time to enjoy our bath when I was a kid. I think my parents also had a good time and it was like a leisure time them too. There was no rush to move to another work by finishing the bath as soon as possible. If there were such a thing to hurry, then it was our meal. I can remember that my mother asked me to finish the bath soon to have lunch. However, she made that request after letting me enjoy my bath time for hours. So, it was a reasonable request.

River Bath! It was a river bath, and I was lucky to go there very often. As we moved to another location, I had to change it, and I never went to a river when we were living there. It was a city. So, that time passed with my primary education. Though I had a good bath time on the river, I never complained about the new water level that comes through a small tap line or shower. However, there was a bathtub in that bathroom, and sometimes I sank in that tub for hours when my parents were not at home. Lol... They thought that it was not good for the health of this creature who had a bath in the river for hours. It was like that.

From that era onwards, it was one of the main Water resources that I had to have a bath. After a few years, again, we had to change our location due to the father's job transfer. It was not an urban area, and we lived in a rented house. There were no facilities like the previous place. Water did not supply to the doorstep. So, it took a certain time for us to adapt to it. 

The well was the main water resource for us. We used a separate well to take drinking water, and there were marvelous water resources to have a bath. One well located in a paddy field, and I loved that place. It was a small well located in a green area. It is a nice scenery to imagine today.

Nature! We could take water easily. It required less effort as the water level came to the top. Even a small child could take water and have a bath. It was not a crowded place as well. My father did not come to that place as he used to have a bath at night. So, I went there with my mother and sister. When time allowed, we three went there. It was a memorable place because of a few reasons. One thing is its location. I loved that well which situated in a green area. The other thing is there was clean and cool water because of "Kumbuk" trees exist near the paddy field. The other thing is still, I can remember how did my mother wash my wound once we went to that well. It was a remarkable wound and it is another story. That Wound StorySo, I cannot forget that bath time. Still, I can remember the fresh air that comes through the paddy field when I was bathing cool water.

Once we moved to our own house, we did not want to go outside to have a bath. But we love to go to the river and well to have a bath. However, when I was moving to the school grades that have key Examinations, we cut down the things that we have done leisurely. We worked by looking at the clock. It was in the face. So, this bath time also such a key thing that I had to cut down, and gradually the bath gets restricted to the bathroom. Later on, I felt lazy to go to the river or the well if there was no friend or cousin.  

Priority! However, still, I could not cut down the time that I wanted to have a bath. Though it is a problem to others, still, I need a portion of the time I used in the river and the well in that paddy field. Though I had a rush to go to the office when I was a 9-5 employee, I gave priority to my bath time. So, when I had some sort of illness, bath time was the key reason that they pointed out. Lol... When I was sharing the bathroom with my cousin's sister, I waked up in the early morning to have a bath. Or else she did not have enough time for her preparation.

A few years back, one of my cousin's sister migrated to another country. She said that they have to use a small-time for a shower. She said that if I went there, then those people will send me back to my country because of the time I required for a shower. Lol... So, I would like you to invite you to my country to have an unlimited bath if you have not visited Sri Lanka yet. You can go to the sea, a river, or the well to enjoy your bath time. If you went through my article, definitely you will remember me too.

Go Green! As well as we should think about our environment as a part of our body. We are a part of this nature. So, if we destroy it, it means that we are destroying ourselves. We should let our children also have a nice time as we had. They also should be nature lovers to protect this earth. So, if you see a water tap that does not close properly, don't think twice to do your part though it is not your home. If you are the one who is leaving the office at the end, then make sure that you switch off the lights, fans, etc... before you leave. I know that it does not add an extra charge for your bill. You don’t need to worry about other's bills. But that should be the thinking pattern. We are a part of this universe. So, we should think globally to Protect our environment. 

Don't forget to enjoy your bath time, guys!

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61.0 Want To Have A More Appealing Facial Expressions? Read This! Mesmerizing Examples Of Facial Expressions.

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What do you think about your Facial Expressions? Can you hide it when you want to do so? Or do you express your real expressions as it is though it is not pleasant to others? You can decide at the end of this topic. Till then, I will share some of my experiences. Sometimes, you may think that this is not an important thing to discuss. But I wanted to bring this to you. I think this is an important thing to consider according to my view.

Can you read the Facial Expressions of your family members at least? Do you ignore the facial expression of your office colleague once you feel that it brings you some disadvantages? Do you want some more facts to verify your observation to approve the things that you identified via Facial Expressions? Or do you accept someone's facial expressions as it is without any other facts? Sometimes, you may have your answers. Some of you may think about your answers. Read my stuff, and it will help you to think broadly and come to a decision.

If I tell you about myself, some of my friends have told me that they cannot read my Facial Expressions. Once they told me that, I felt so happy. Lol...  Then I thought that I can hide the facial expressions that I do not want to show it to others. One day when I was working at a previous workplace, I was so tired, and on that day, I worked till around 9 p.m. So, it was enough for the day. I got this response from one of my friends there when I could not laugh for a joke shared by one of our colleagues. Though the others laughed a lot, I could not laugh with Expressions. So, it was a laugh without an expression. Then it was another joke for them. It was their next topic. Lol... I think tiredness was the main problem.

I forgot to share this thing with you before moving to that incident. In the school era, as you know, we had a joyful time. We lived with Laughter.  We could not hide it for any serious reason. Even the punishment time gave joy to us if we did not get a slap from a teacher or principal. When it comes to slap, it was a different story. In that era, I could say that we laughed at everything. We were like mad creatures. So, when we were trying to identify a solution to this problem, one of my friends asked to think about a sad incident to avoid laughter. It was a good solution, and it worked up to some extent.

However, there were some situations where we could not manage it. In such a case, one of our teachers blamed me for something saying "I can see the laughter in your eyes though you did not laugh". She was correct. At that time, I was trying to avoid my laughter when she was blaming me. But she was clever to see it via my eyes. Once she told that, I laughed as usual, and it increased her anger. Lol...

Those days she did not like me and there was a valid reason for her to do so. One day I called her "Aunt" instead of "Madam". Though I did not do it intentionally, it made me laugh at the end, and I said "Sorry" by keeping that smile. So, I think it would be like a slap to her. After that, I said sorry for a few times in serious mode. But it did not work well.  I think she kept the first facial expressions on her mind. So, she had many reasons for me to blame, and I think she was the one who could read my Facial Expressions well on those days. Lol...


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So, when it comes to others, I have observed the Facial Expressions of people. It is fun to see the difference between their words and expressions. But some situations made me sad. Sometimes it is a pain to identify the real face. But it depends on few facts like friendship, relationship, etc.. 

You may feel sad once you identify the person as a bad one, who you believed. You may feel happy once you identify the person as a bad one, who you suspected. So, it depends. I hope you can understand what I'm telling you. Think about your thoughts when you see the sorrow on the face of someone who loves you after hearing good news about you.

However, I have never communicated it to them, and I did it for my information only. I did not share my observations with others, except very few incidents. Most of the time, I think we ignore this observation if we feel that we may have disadvantages after letting them know about that. I can remember how did some of our seniors ask us to stay till late for work, though they can see the pain and tiredness from our faces. I think that the above reason was the thing for them to act so. I know. It is true up to some extent. If somebody can act well, then he/she will show you Fake Expressions to get your sympathy. So, it needs to decide very carefully.

When thinking about such incidents happened in the workplace, there are many to reveal. But I do think that nobody can take benefits from them. However, I felt happy about this subject and the job as we can show our facial expressions as it is, though it is pleasant or not. Certain jobs do not allow the employees to show their actual status as it is. So, we are lucky guys. Most of the people cannot see our face even. They are also lucky, I think. Lol...

So, this incident happened to a waiter in a five-star hotel. It was a Sunday, and at that time there were fewer employees. So, she had to carry on the work on behalf of other colleagues as well. I could see the anger and tiredness on her face. She got a huge effort to hide it from customers. The other person also a waiter and he was also a team member. When I was working on my observation job, he could identify it. When he was pouring tea into my cup, his Face talks many sorrows. But he turned it back to a Smile and wished me a good day once he noticed my observation. I think that they are some people who work for us by giving a pleasant service by forgetting their personal worries. But you cannot have the same experience at every place, though you are a customer. 

If you would like to read more on this you can go through this article as well. Have You Ever Observed The Meaning of Someones' Smile?

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60.0 If You Don't Love Them Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later. A Million Lessons About Parent's Love You Need To Know Before You Die.

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First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020!

I wish this new year brings you success, joy, love, and peace. Though we need the success of everything, I believe the development of good thoughts in our mind is the most important thing that we all should do as humans. We may arrange parties; we may wear new clothes to welcome the new year. But, how many of us wanted to clean our spirits by removing bad qualities we have. In this new year dawn, I thought to improve the spiritual side of life. 

Apart from that, I thought not to discuss the bad side of people, though they filled up with many bad qualities.  I know it is not an easy effort. But we should try at least to gain the benefits of humanity. Apart from that, some developments are required for my career. I hope you all have many hopes and plans for this new year. I wish you a happy new year again!

In this new year dawn, I would like to bring you some important memories I have about a parent's love. Sometimes, you may be a parent now. Though you are either a parent or child, I hope this article will be a sensitive one for you all. Sometimes, it will bring joy as well as tears for your eye. You will think about the lovely memories you have.

Some parents are showing love to their children. But some of them do not do that. Though their hearts filled with lots of love, they do not show it to their children. My parents are a hybrid version of these two. Lol... My mother does not show it and my father is the one who shows it to us. So, in certain cases we thought that our mother did not love us. He he he... But later on, I thought that it was a wrong thought. At that time, she was in the hospital for heart surgery. At that time, I just have moved to my higher studies after school education. So, she had to stay there for a few weeks. It was a hard time for me, my father and my sister. We were afraid of her surgery. Time to time all of us went to visit her. Once done, she was taken to the hospital ward. But she could not talk well because of the pain.

On that day I went to visit her alone. It was evening time. Though I went there by bus, I did not know the place to take a bus to come back. So, when I was asking about the route from one of my uncles, she was listening to it. Then she asked that uncle to drop me to the bus halt without letting me go alone. She took an effort to communicate it and she repeated the same a few times. It made me sad. Though I asked her to stop talking, it was not her pain. She worried about the problem I had at that time. When I was telling this to one of my friends, she could not talk, and tears came to her eye.

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If I tell you about my father, he was the one who did everything for my success. He was our shadow. He was with us for everything. When my mother was doing all the home stuff without giving to us, my father provided guidance and financial support. If he earned one penny, it was for his children, us. He did not spend money on himself. He was the one who prepared a lot for our journey of success. He planned for it than us.

When I was starting my own thing as a career, he had many plans. He wanted to allocate a separate space from the new house that we are building now. When I was telling him that I do not require such a space for my work, I got to know that he allocated that space by imagining a higher success level in my career. It brought a smile to me. But he was serious.

In the early era of my career, I had to go for many interviews to find out a suitable job. When I was going for job interviews, he came with me for each interview. Sometimes, he waited for five to six hours in the vehicle. But he did not worry about it though I asked him to don’t wait. When I was going on a school trip I stayed in a boarding house at that time. We were planning to leave in the early morning. Before we leave, he came to drop me to school and brought lunch as well. To prepare it, I think my mother should wake up around 3.00 a.m. It was their sacrifice for their children. Though there were no more than 100 meters to school from the boarding place, he wanted to make sure it as a safe journey.

They were happy with our achievements. They encouraged us when there were failures. They had good points to encourage us, and they never blamed for the failures. I can remember the happiness in my father's eyes when I was using a laptop for my work. I could see a proud father. However, it changed soon, as I stuck to it for my job work and studies. Lol...

I saw many proud parents during my lifetime. I saw their proudness in the success of their children. One day I went to a shop to buy some stuff, and we know that family well. It was a small business a few years back, and they developed it gradually with their effort. When it was a small business, the father of that family managed the cashier and his wife issued the goods to the customers. They have a few kids, and we could see them once we went there.  

When I was going there after that development, I saw that his daughter was managing the cashier role. Her parents stayed at the shop by helping her. That girl did her job well, and her parents happily worked with her. It was a happy unit. They arranged a nice table and chair for her to do her work. It was a modern cashier room. I also felt happy for them. At that time, I thought about the happiness that parents have for her daughter. It was a memorable scenery. At that time, I remembered how my parents arranged a nice table and chair for my studies after taking good grades for all the subjects for one school term examination.

Recently I saw how parents celebrate the success of their children who passed the Advance level examination well. Some students explained the parent's effort for their success. One student said that his father skipped some meals, and gave to him. He starved for his son. That was their effort. I think nobody could listen to that talk without tears, and it was a sensitive story.

I think such a sacrifice can be done by parents only. None of them in this world exists to light up the children's life path by protecting them. They are the one who was removing barriers of our paths. I have read a story about their love. In that story, they gave a tree as an example. That tree gives food and shelter to their kids. Time to time it offers leaves and wood as medicine and other support. Once it decayed, it lets the human to sell the wood by cutting that tree after offering food and shelter. It was the final help. It was a really good example of a parent's love. They give till their last blood drop to their children.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

59.0 Why You Need An Alarm? Fighting For Alarm: The Samurai Way

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First of all, I wanted to say Sorry...I could not work on my blog for the last couple of weeks due to busy schedule. When I was looking at the views per day also, I saw a difference. But I did not have a good time to work on a new article for you all. I could allocate time. But there should be a relax mind to come up with a good article. I was not in that status, and finally, I could not write a good article for about two weeks. So, this would be the last article for this year 2019. As today is the 24th of December, now you may don't have a good time to read this article due to a busy festival schedule. But you can read it later. I hope that you all will come back to my blog and read the latest.


I wanted to bring some memories of something that you hate, but you cannot avoid it in your life. I know that you wanted to throw it away for millions of times. But you did not do it yet. Same here. I also wanted to break and throw it away out of my window. But still, it is with me. By looking at the topic above, you know about this terrible and supportive guy. Lol... Most probably you may also have many stories to share as all of us cannot wake up in the morning without the support of an alarm.


I would like to start my alarm story from the very beginning. My mother was my alarm when I was a child. As you all know the very first alarm ringing sound is low and it gets increased gradually to the next levels if we could not react to it.  But my mother did not have this setting and her sound consists of high volume from the very beginning. I could say that it is a scream and she always thought that she could not wake us up with a morning greeting. She was right. When she asked us to wake up in the neutral volume, she had to come to our room for three to four times. Finally, she scolded us and it was our morning greeting. Lol...

Sometimes we begged for a few minutes. But it was not possible with this alarm. It reminded us of our to-do list also. However, this was pressure for the alarm too. One day she did not remind me continuously and let us wake up at any time. I think on that day it was enough for her. So, we also slept peacefully without trouble. But I did not go to school on that day. Lol… So, it was a memorable day for me in my school era.

Sometimes my father came to wake up us when my mother could not handle the situation anymore. He was different and he did not scold us. Instead of that, he gave warnings. However, it was a powerful strategy, and we could not ignore his warnings. After moving to that boarding house for Advance level exams, I missed my parents. They could not phone me in the morning as we did not use mobile phones in those days. If they need to contact me, they had to call the landline of the boarding owner. So, they did not need to trouble her in the morning.

However, it was not a big deal in the morning as the other's sound was a reason for me to wake up. Nobody could sleep once they wake up and after switching on lights in the room. So, I did not need the support of an alarm because of that crowd.

But all of us used an alarm clock to wake up early morning for our studies. Each individual had separate alarms to wake up at different times. Some of them studied till midnight and some of them wake up in the early morning. However, morning alarms were the most annoying and craziest things for us. It annoyed each other. Sometimes two to three alarms rang at once. The most amazing thing was everybody wakes up except the owner of the alarm. 

Therefore, that alarm switched off by itself automatically after snoozing for a few times. Such situations made us crazy and we blamed each other. We asked them to throw the alarm away if they could not wake up or switch it off. So, we threatened some of our friends. But sometimes it happened to me also. My alarm clock was annoying other's sleep. Therefore, nobody could maintain promises, and everything controlled by our sleep. 

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As we did not have mobile phones in those days, we used different clocks for alarms. Among them, one of our friends had a clock, and it had an antique look. It was a big clock than the other's clocks. It was an old-fashioned clock and nobody know how to manage it except our friend. Though we criticized that look, our friend did not change that clock. It was with her till we left the place. She kept it in her bed. Once we blamed her once she could not switch off it on time, she kept it in her hand to switch off quickly. Lol...

One day we heard that alarm clock's sound, and as usual, it rang a few times. It kept snoozing and ringing without the interaction of our friend. As there's no stop I got angry and I wanted to throw it away. I wanted to slap my friend as well. So, I switched on the room's light. What did I see? I could not believe my eyes. My friend was sitting on the bed by removing some parts of the clock. Her eyes were not fully opened. 

Though I speak to her, she did not respond to me and she removed the parts of the clock. But it rings continuously. Once I saw this fun thing, I could not stop my laugh. Again, I spoke to my friend. Then she said that she cannot find the button to switch off. Lol...  So, she removed all the buttons to switch off the alarm. Though we thought that she would buy a new one, she used the same alarm by fixing things again. So, we gave a nickname to her and it was 'Elamaya'. 

Now most of us don't need a separate clock for our alarm as we can get that job via our phones. I'm using energetic songs, music as my alarm tone to enjoy it and hear it. Recently, I saw a Facebook post shared by one of my friends. It says that an alarm tone is background music for the dream she sees. Lol...

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

58.0 Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of A Cunning Fox? The Cunning Fox Mystery.

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I wanted to cover this topic with two articles. But it did not work. Still, I have some incidents to share with you all. Life Lessons! I hope you also would like to read such experiences. Sometimes it would be a lesson for you. If you can gain a good thing via my articles, it achieves one of my main goals. I know you also have much to share as a member of this society. If you can share your ideas, then it will be a help for most of us. So, as I mentioned in the previous article, you all can be contributors to this topic. 

Honestly, if I took the past incidents, I could say that my father's recognition was correct. He could identify the people in one instance. But it took some time for me to identify. When something happened only, I could identify their real face that has seen by my father before. He he he... My father pointed out the bad points of some of my friends by looking at a small action they did. But as usual, I did not have enough reasons to suspect them. I had enough reasons to convince the points that have pointed out as bad things by my father. In such a case, a few friends came for lunch at our home. 

Lunch Time! On that day, I prepared a small lunch for all of them, and our home supporter was not available on that day. So, it was a tiring day. So, after finishing the lunch stuff, one of my friends did not clean the plate that she had lunch. In the normal routine, we don't let the visitors do such tasks and it is not our expectation. 

So, it was my point, when my father was pointing out it as a bad of her. Furthermore, he said that if she is a good friend who has a long-term friendship history, then she is not a visitor anymore. As well as he said that, she did not think about the effort I put alone for their lunch. He said that it was a good incident to identify such people and deal with them accordingly. But I ignored his decision by thinking about the long-term friendship I had with her. Friends! Lol...

Tough Decisions! In this incident also, my father pointed out some cunning behavior of one of my friends. She was also a school friend, and sometimes she was like a family friend. He always suspected her talks and vocabulary. She unnecessarily appreciates small things. 

So, most of those appreciations made me happy. She appreciated every little thing without pointing out a single mistake. Sometimes she said "wow... It is nice" for some things that I have not to see any good. In such cases, I thought that she was lying. At that time, I thought that she did not want to hurt me. But I did not identify it as a dishonest quality.

Later on, I could identify her reality. Even though we were there when she wanted help, she supported our troubles via her nice talks only. Lol... In these two cases, the number of years that we all can maintain the friendship was my key reason to accept them as good people. It was a precondition I kept on my mind when I was working with them. Therefore, I had my excuses to forgive them though I saw the points mentioned by my father. And I did not want to hurt myself by accepting their bad. I think those were the two key reasons that I could not accept their badness though there was some sort of identification. If you have similar experiences, you know the complexity of balancing emotions you have with your friends and the reality that pointed out by your brain. Brain or Heart?

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What is the Best Decision? Don't set up pre-defined decisions for friendships or anything. Everything will be changed. If you have such predefined decisions, then your brain starts making decisions accordingly by covering the truth. As well as try to accept the situation in the present moment. 

Don't depend on various factors. In my case, I depended on the friendship, the number of years of friendship, my feelings, etc.. Sometimes, their present behavior will hurt you once you accepted the current causes as it is without covering it by such facts. But, if you use the same strategy that you had to deal with them, then it will make you sad one day. It will happen either today or after some time. So, it is better to accept the present and keep such people in the necessary places in your life. Lifetime Friends? Are they exist on our planet?

So, those were some observations that happened among the friends' community. Toxic Coworkers! This also a good incident that I could happily share with you. In this case, my decision was more than 100% correct. On that day, we all had a session in a meeting room in our workplace. There were about twenty to twenty-five people. A few newcomers also were there.

It was boring like nothing and dragged hours and hours. As there was a small number of participants, we all had to concentrate on that session. So, it was the main pain. If I could check my social media stuff, then it would not be a headache. All of us were waiting for its finish. But it did not happen at the scheduled time. Boring Chores... Hah hah ha... 

Washroom Prank! At our table, there was a new joiner also and he said that he wanted to go to the washroom. But he did not come back for the session. We could not contact him as we did not have his contact details. So, he nicely went out.  At that time, he did not forget to keep his pen and the paper on the table to convince us of his return that never happen. Lol… So, when I was leaving the room finally, I thought about that strategy. He gave a separate image to us also. Therefore, I thought that he should be a cunning person. Luckily, I did not forget to keep it on my mind when dealing with him. It was the correct decision. Finally, it was correct, guys!!!

Apart from his cunning behavior, I think he taught a lesson as well. He pointed out that we need to make some kind of sacrifice if we want to get rid of some trouble. So, in this case, he forgets about his pen and papers. But I decided that action as a cunning thing and not an intelligent one. He was a Cunning Fox.

He did not have a reason to say lie to us as he knew that all of us were waiting to go. Therefore, giving a different view about him for the colleagues who were going to work with him for a couple of years was the mistake he did as a cunning guy. If you were that fellow, how do you manage that situation by keeping your good image with co-workers? When I was asked that question for myself, I did not have a need to go out till it finished. I wanted to participate till the end though it was boring. Lol... Lol... But what is your answer? What is Your Decision?

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