Saturday, July 4, 2020

72.0 Shall We Reveal All That We Thought? Or Do You Have A Filter To Remove The Shits?


What do you think about revealing everything you think of? What will happen? Let's say there is no gate to approve your thoughts, and you are telling your thoughts. I think some do have two approval levels. What do you think about this topic? I think, if I did so, then I can have many enemies. Lol... How about you?


Don't you think that you did it before? Though you cannot remember, you did it. When? Think about your childhood. When you were a kid, did not you tell what you thought? But nobody cares about it, because you were a kid. So, it was not an issue for anybody. Therefore, it was one instance. Can you remember such an incident that happened in your childhood? I think it would be an interesting one to share.  


When I was a kid, I did it many times. Though it was not a problem, I think all those situations made my parents embarrassed. Most of the time, it happened to my mother. The first incident that comes to mind is a granny who lived in our neighborhood. At that time, we were having a bath in the river. She also was there. As a granny, she gave lots of instructions to us regarding suitable times for a bath, how should we have a bath as kids, etc... So, she pointed out some points for me too. However, I could not listen to her instructions anymore, and I asked her to mind her business without look after us. Furthermore, I pointed out that it is not her duty. When she heard it, she was shocked, and could not speak a single word for a few minutes. After a while, she laughed and said, "ok... sure".



Some of them in the river laughed for my response. They enjoyed that discussion. It made me happy. But my mother did not like that response. At that point, she pointed out that it is not a good thing. When we returned home, she advised me a lot. However, I did not feel sad about that granny. I did not regret my response. Later on, I met her on the road when we were going to visit our granny. Then she reminded my response, and at that time, I felt shy. It was a big shame. So, from time to time, I met her. She did not forget to remind it every time we met. She did not forget to show her wide smile too. However, each time was an embarrassing moment for me.


Regarding the elders, I think it happens to most of the drunk people. I think their actual inner feelings come up to some extent. That higher approval gate is closed when they are talking. That is why the others are enjoying their discussions. If you can listen to them to analyze this point, then you can identify the actual human. However, you may have to listen to their various topics including, politics, love, family, job matters, etc...  to observe it. The things they have hidden in the topmost layer of the mind are coming out. It is enjoyable to see that process. One day there was a gathering, and the organizers arranged all the stuff to eat and drink. One couple came to the party, and those two were in their old ages. So, when the gent was completed a few glasses, her wife wanted to stop it. Therefore, from time to time, she went to him and asked him to stop. Every time, he asked her to leave saying, "get out bitch".


He had a pleasant and gentleman's appearance. So, if somebody did not see that situation, then he will have a good image of him. However, that point is not sufficient to make a decision, and sometimes he may be quarreled with his wife in the morning before coming to the party. However, what I wanted to point out is the closure of that gate. So, that is a situation where the people do not think about the accuracy or compatibility of their thoughts before expressing as words. Therefore, I think the closure of that gate in the drunk people's minds is unpleasant. Lol... So, be careful when you are talking if you are drunk. There was one of our office colleagues. He was very silent when he was drunk. I think he has learned lots of lessons. Lol...


The other instance is born when you are angry. It is a familiar thing for me. Lol... Think about the things you said when you were angry. Recently, I saw a quote, and it says, if you want to regret later, then speak when you are angry. I think it is a good statement. It is true. I don't think that I should give any examples to prove this point. You may have enough incidents. However, apart from the closure of that gate, the required thoughts are not born in this situation. So, it messed up your entire thinking pattern. Therefore, when you are speaking in an angry moment, a few things happen. The first is, you are not rechecking the thoughts before expressing as words. The other thing is, the mind generates only shit, and required thoughts don't come to your mind. So, all shit comes out without the approval. The gate is open. What a marvelous situation, right? Lol...

I think it happens for lovers too. That gate is overwhelmed by the warmth of love. If you can rewind a past conversation you had, then you can rethink whether you can implement the things you said at that time. Is it practical to do now? Though it does not have a bad face like the previous situation, I think it breaks the promises you made. So, guys, keep in mind to approve your thoughts before releasing them as words.


However, even with the approval also, you should keen on your words before sharing with anybody. Recently, I saw a FB video. In that video, there is a conversation with two ladies, and one person is recording it secretly without informing the other lady. The person who is recording does not talk much except Yeah, No, Hmmm, etc... So, she embarrassed her by releasing it to the internet. Though it is a bit different thing than this topic, I wanted to add it as it may be useful for you all to know these situations.         


Friday, June 5, 2020

71.0 Remain Angry, & Lose The Peace. The Fire of Anger Sends Its Smoke to the Mind.

All of us are humans. Homo Sapiens. Can this species get angry with others? I know. It is bad. But let's see it as a topic. We will discuss this. Anger! Anger Management! Getting Angry! etc... In the very first paragraph, I would like to question you. How about your status? Do you get angry often? Or seldom? Are you showing it to others, or are you keeping it with you by shutting up your mouth? Come to this open forum, and let's talk about it. You are invited!


In my childhood, I cannot remember a day when I got angry. In that era, my mother was the person who got angry because of us. Sometimes she could not control her anger. But we did not get angry with her though we felt sad once she punished us. Those days my sister was the key reason for me to get angry. But those cannot point as remarkable feelings because it vanished within a few minutes. 
Because of that reason, my father asked both of us to behave well. Every morning he advised us as so before leaving home for his job. However, we kept his promise when he was returning home. At the end of the day, we finished our fights, arguments, punishments, and we were working on our painting stuff. Both of us laid down on the floor and painted all our arts and picture books. Therefore, there was a peaceful environment. So, always he came home and said "Hey, it seems to be you two are good girls today." When he gives compliments to us, we did not forget to not to look at our mother. Lol...



Most of the day, at the end of every fight, my mother said that she has a severe headache because of our endless crazy things and fights. For such every pain, she used pain killers to get rid of it. Therefore, "Headache" was the most common illness, we heard at the end of the day. It was a part of our procedure.


School time went well. We did not have pressure for anything except exams. However, it did not go with stress, and I could manage the exam situations without any conflicts on my mind. But when moving to the last two years of school was a bit different. The exam pressure was at the maximum level, and staying in a boarding place also a key reason for that change, I guess. I could say that this time was the beginning of this topic. So, because of this status, I was angry with some of my friends. Though I cannot remember the exact reason, it happened for a silly thing. It was the situation.


However, it did not bring up to higher studies. It was another joyful era if there were no exams.  So, nothing was there to get angry. Those days one of our lecturers said that "you cannot have a joyful time like this when you move for your career. Working with people is the challenge than your work". She said as so when she was angry with us because of a disciplinary problem of the students. Though it was in my mind because of the way she told us and her facial expressions, I did not care about it as usual.

I could say that the job era was the worst period. I know I gained experience and learned a lot. But the status of the mind that needs to be kept in without anger/hatred was the thing I could not manage. There were billions of things to get angry. As she said, people were the main reason and challenge. Some juniors did not work, and some of them had less efficiently. Some seniors gave all the benefits to the team members they like. There were certain conditions for being with them, and it is another topic to discuss. Some people had attitude issues. Some people are unfair. So, the working environment was filled up with reasons for getting angry.


So, without control or management, it overwhelmed my mind. I can remember there was a small computer tool that allows hitting the screen using a hammer. For each click, you can see fake cracks on your screen. So, they named it as a tool for anger management. After many clicks, you can see a weird screen that has many cracks. You cannot see any of your desktop icons, documents, or any other program until you exit from that program. However, it was a good tool to forget the anger and focus on something else. 

Counting from 10 to 1 is a well-known technique that everybody knows. But those days, it did not work for me, and I could say that tool was a good one up to some extent. With all the cracks of the screen, I could see the ugliness of my mind. Those cracks showed the spoiled status of the mind. So, it was a good tool. The other most important thing is when you are angry, it removed all the other thoughts, and anger is the only thing that you can see. So, those cracks of that tool also revealed the same. You can see only cracks on the screen. Therefore, it was a good comparison to think about anger. 

I never got a benefit from anger, and I hope it is similar to you too. It destroyed the peace of mind, and I hope it is similar to you too. It destroyed our appearance, and that is why our grannies used to say, "don't get angry. You will be ugly". It damages our inner body. The way how it happens is another topic. As an example, I can point out my mother's headache that she had after getting angry for a couple of years. Sometimes, I too have a pain in my forehead area when being with angry feelings for a certain time.  

You know about this situation with your different experiences. So, that is why Lord Buddha preached these Dhamma as a universal truth. It does not depend on our religion or nationality. When I was discussing my situation with one of my friends, then she shared these Dhamma sermons with me. I listened to it to find out a good solution. If you have the interest to know more, then you also can listen to these sermons. (You can search the sermons via Maha Sinha Nadaya Ven Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero). Acceptance or rejection is your choice. But you can listen to it. Good things are the things that hard to do. Anger management also the same! But it is a must for this rare human life. Anger! It is ugly...

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger” (Reference: Internet)


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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

70.0 We Are The Species Who Cooks. The Others Do Not. So, Cooking Makes Us Truly Human.

I could not add this point to the previous article Cooking... that discussed spices. It is the value of our spices. A few decades ago, my mother prepared all the spices at home. She prepared curry powder by putting many ingredients. There was a nice smell when she was preparing it. Without seeing her and going to the kitchen, we knew the task that she was working on because of that smell. Later on, we bought curry powder because of my mother's bad health condition. Recently, I prepared it for an alms-giving and I felt the difference of a homemade one. Though it did not give that much smell like my mother's curry powder, it gave a nice taste.

The ingredients are not merely for the taste, and some of them are medicine. Coriander is the main ingredient used for curry powder. So, unknowingly and without a bitter taste, we use that medicine for every meal. So, if we prepare even for one curry with it, then it is a medicine. Recently, my father read an article about these spices and got to know that leaves of coriander also a good spice to put. So, now he wants to plant coriander. Now he is working on it. He he he...

When moving to our food process discussion, we already discussed the first steps. Though you think that now it is time to eat, you are wrong. What is the preparation method is the next thing? You should decide, how do you prepare it. You can fry. You can prepare it with coconut milk. You can put more chili powder and less coconut milk. The choice is up to you. NO... It's not up to you. You should think of many conditions. The preferences of others are the key point. So, according to your priority schedule, you can do it. The next thing is, you should think about whether the curries are matched with each other. As an example, you cannot fry all the curries. You should fry one and you should prepare another one with more coconut milk.

However, coconut milk is a key ingredient for Sri Lankan food. It is a mandatory item for a meal. It is also a medicine. It helps to remove Poison in your body. That is why we let drink coconut milk to patients infected with poison.

In our food course, coconut milk is like a sub meal. Its preparation takes an additional effort. You cannot take coconut milk for a few minutes. You should scrape coconut first, and then you should squeeze the scraped coconut. Most of the other family members do this task for their mother/wife/sister, etc... as a help. It is a big help though it is one task in this food preparation process. One of my friends said that he does it for his wife every morning, and it is a big headache for him. When they go to the wife's home, her parents are the ones who give coconuts for their consumption. So, he said that recently, he refused it because he is the one who has to do it. Now, it is the gent's key home chore during the lockdown period due to the COVID19 situation. Lol...

There was another friend and she has three kids. She does all the home chores without a supporter. However, her husband is the one who scrapes coconut and that is the only help he did. One day both were angry and there was a fight. She said that she hit him using equipment in the kitchen without thinking about the loss. Meantime, she emphasized the heavy tasks she has to do during the entire day. At that time her husband complained about the coconut matter, and he said that he cannot scrape coconut every morning. Lol...

Therefore, now you know, coconut milk is an important thing in this food preparation process. Though there are coconut milk powder packets to buy, still, it is not the preference of most of the Sri Lankans as per my knowledge. The main reason is the artificial things that use to keep it for a certain time. So, still, most of them are going through this difficult procedure.

When it comes to cooking the prepared stuff, still, most of the Sri Lankans use wood and gas. Wood is the main thing for poor people. So, finding out wood and arrange it in a suitable way to put into the hearth is another job. Therefore, the people who are using wood hearths are doing a difficult job. That flame goes with carbon, and they have to deal with carbon when cooking and washing the pans. 

A few years back, there was a murder, and a son killed his mother. I think it is done because that mother asked him to stop his love affair. That boy was under 18. So, it happened, unfortunately. That incident shocked many, and still, I can remember a poem published in a Facebook post. It mentioned the pain that bears up by a mother to grow a son. In one verse, it says "Did you kill your mother who cooks for you by bearing up the heat of the hearth". Later on, that son said that he felt unbearable sorrow when he was seeing the dining table.

Sometimes I think why should we put this much effort into the food preparation when people in other countries prepare their meals with less effort. If food preparation is the only thing, then we can allocate that time. The more time we take for cooking is the drawback we have. But everything has both drawbacks and benefits. I think Sri Lankans have their endemic food quality, varieties, and culture as benefits.

The other thing is important for everyone irrespective of their religion or nationality. Do you think that you can gain merits via your meal? Yes. It is possible. You can avoid wasting food. You can donate a bit to somebody or an animal. Apart from all, you can think about the impermanence of the feeling you have when you taste the food. That is the great merit out of all. Now can you feel the taste of breakfast you had? Or lost it? It disappeared. That is impermanence. What will happen to the tasty food when it goes to your stomach?

Before you go to sleep, can you imagine an inner image of your stomach by thinking about the food you had from the morning? It will look like a garbage bag. What do you think when you are disposing of it in the next morning? Those are the digested food you had on the previous day. So, guys, finally, that is the truth about food. It is the great truth preached by Lord Buddha.

Therefore, when your mother/wife/sister, etc.… prepares a tasty meal, do appreciate them. But don’t get stuck to that taste. If she cannot cook it well for you, then don’t blame her. Think about the process she followed up to bring it to the dining table. Think about the actual food process that is happening from the mouth to the toilet.

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Monday, May 4, 2020

69.0 Cooking Is All About People. Love Is One Of Grannies' Spices!

Hey! What's going on? I hope you are enjoying your time by staying at home. I think we won't get another similar time to this period during this life. I saw a Facebook post, and it says that such pandemic situations happen every 100 years. So, guys, don’t worry. This is the only crisis we have to face during our lifetime. It is our wish. Though I wanted to write something else, this was the start. I hope you like it.

Today, we will talk about cooking memories. I think it is the best topic, and you all can enjoy it. Because all of us have fun and horrible cooking experience. I hope most of you all are having homemade stuff these days as nobody has any other choices. So, cooking is one of our main jobs. These days it is one of my main jobs due to the absence of home supporters.

I'm pointing out this view according to my knowledge. So, please correct me if I'm wrong. I think we Sri Lankans have a lengthy process for meal preparation. Most of us prepare two meals to cover the daily consumption. Some of them prepare breakfast and lunch at once and prepare a separate meal for dinner. We don't prepare food for a few days or a week. So, I think "cooking" is a job that requires considerable time per day. If we take our meals, then it consists of two to three curries. Most of the time it goes with two vegetables, and dhal, fish, or meat curry.

I hope if I describe to you the tasks we are doing, then you will identify that it has a procedure or process. So, when you are having Sri Lankan food, then you will remember the effort and may give more value to it. Just a thought... Lol...

So, selecting suitable vegetables to cook is the first thing. Though it seems nothing, it is a big thing that every mother/wife/daughter/sister, etc... has to think about by thinking of family members' preferences. Sometimes, it is impossible to select. Sometimes, you may have to give priority to specific family members by ignoring others. You may have to tell them "eat if you can and starve if you cannot". But you cannot ignore the same person every time. Lol... So, you should have something like a priority list for a week. Then you can consider the food preference of each family member at least once per week. Therefore, it is the first important decision.

When moving to the next, then our chef should think about the spices and oil portion that needs to be put into the curries. Though it also seems an easy task, believe me. It is NOT. If you think like that, then it is wrong. As an example, if I consider the situation of my family, my father does not like oily and salty curries. He wants chilies. But my preference is the opposite choice. When it comes to my sister's family, they don't put salt and chilly at all. So, we cannot eat their meals, and they cannot eat our meals. It is impossible. So, both parties stopped sharing food.

When my granny was living with us, the problem was in "Red" status. Lol... Because of her age, she could not feel the taste of food. According to my knowledge, we cannot feel the full taste of food after 70 years. It reduces to 50%. At that time, she was in her 90. So, she never satisfied with the combinations of spices we put into the curries. Those days she lived in my father's elder brother's home. As she made food complaints, one day our uncle asked her to put salt, chilies, spices, tamarind, turmeric, and all according to her wish. The funniest thing was, on that day she ate very little. But she was very silent. 

Earlier we fed up with her complaints, and we worried about our cooking skills. But one day, one of our aunts arranged lunch for all family members. She was a cookery expert, and nobody can point out mistakes. So, on that day also our granny came up with many complaints and suggestions. On that day I decided to stop worrying about her complaints. Lol... Those days she used to say "cook well, and serve tasty food to others to gain merits". Apart from the spices, the time we spent in the kitchen was another measuring factor she used for her decisions. If we take a little time, then she said that the curries have not steamed well. There is a famous chef in Sri Lanka called "Pabilis Silva". So, we told her that even Pabilis Silva's skills are not enough to prepare food for her. Lol...

There are many memories of my granny and cookery. Those two have linked to each other as a needle and thread. As she did not like our meal preparations, our uncle asked her to use spices, salt, and all as per her wish. Along with that permission, she wanted to prepare her tea too. She said that she can do it well without other's support. One day when I was coming from the office, I saw that she was in the kitchen by preparing tea. As she spent more time, I wanted to see her and went to the kitchen. 

When I was going there, I saw a cup of Tea with pink color. It amazed me and at that moment I thought that my cousin sister had brought a strawberry flavor powder for tea. It was my thought. So, I checked over there to find it, and then I saw the chilly bottle on the table. My thought was correct. She had put chilly to her tea. It was a mistake. Those days her eyesight was not good.  When I was telling it to her, she said that it is a coffee bottle. If I did not come on time, then she could nicely have a cup of chili flavored tea. 

So, this is all about one step of that food preparation process. You may feel wonderful when I'm telling you the rest. I'm sure even you never thought about it before. We can discuss the cookery wars in the next articles. Stay safe... Take care, buddies. 


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Monday, April 20, 2020

68.0 People In The Workplace. The Hidden Crowd!

When looking back the past few weeks, I understood that most of the people do not like to read or watch any more about Corona. Corona, Corona… What is this? I think it increases that pressure when living with it. When does shit over? However, when you are getting angry with this situation, please remember that this is a result of human actions. Okay..? I too believe that it's good to focus our mind on different productive things in this stage without thinking about it in unnecessary fear. So, I believe the time and effort you put here to read this article is a productive thing for your lives. Lol... 

After the previous article that was written about a balanced mind, I don't expect to write any more about this global pandemic after this analysis. So, today I'm moving back to reveal another stage of jobs I did. It's all about the people I dealt with though they were not my coworkers. But they helped us to do our job in various ways. This is a lovely gift for all of them. I know none of them won't read my article. It is not the purpose either. I don't expect them to read. But you, the one who reads this can think more about them than earlier. I believe that this will help to have a new view of them. You will look at them in a different and nice way.

As I said in the post, A lovely gift for IT guys..., that work exposure changed me. I could say that it happened for both good and bad sides. Later on, I’ll explain what are those bad sides? Please be patient… When I was leaving my home to join with that job, I could not manage my stuff without the support of others. Somehow, I wanted somebody for my support. So, the very first month was a horrible one for me. From beginning to the end of the day consisted of challenges apart from the work stuff. Among all, washing clothes was a big headache, and I used to bring my dirty clothes home and bring them back after washing when I was coming from my home.

When thinking about it now, I know how silly it was. Lol... So, I carried a huge bag on Fridays and Mondays for this purpose. Meantime, I was like an employee of a courier service company. When my parents asked me to give seasonal fruits kind of things to my uncle, then that bag was full of all those stuff. One day I brought some mangoes from home. 

We had to keep our bags in the outside and sometimes I forgot to bring it back when leaving the office. So, on that day, my bag was filled with washed clothes and mangoes. I kept it on a Monday, and I forgot to take it on Tuesday also. So, when it comes to Wednesday, I could feel the smell of mangoes and security guys also questioned about it from me. The same thing happened a few times. Therefore, those security guys used to remind me about the things I brought when I'm leaving the office. Lol...

When remembering them, I have a nice memory of them. All of us were kind to each other. They were the people who greet us when we were entering and leaving the office. So, it was nice to have a small chat with them in these two moments. Some of them gave gossip tips and I think they let us come up with more details. So, there was a good relationship among some of our colleagues and them with regard to the sharing of gossip information. Lol... There was one lady and we knew that weakness. As we could not bring the stuff to our cubicle areas, we passed some foodstuff to our cubicles while letting her talk with one of our friends. Though it was a small cunning work done for a few food packs, it burnt a few liters of our blood. One of our colleagues said that it's totally fine because we did it for a pregnant lady. However, we were a greedy gang when she was eating that special food. Lol...

Apart from them, the team who brought tea and snacks for us did a great job. They were very friendly to us. I remember the way they served Tea as per the different requirements of us. Some of our colleagues wanted to have tea or coffee with a little sugar and some of them wanted plain tea in the morning and coffee in the evening. 

Some of them wanted to have sugarless tea. Sometimes our ladies and girls changed their requirements very often. Lol... Those days I was late to go to the office on Mondays as I was coming from my home. As there was a flexible hour’s schedule, it was not a problem. So, morning tea time was over when I was going there on Monday. But they were kind enough to give my tea irrespective of their schedule. 

One day I met a Tea uncle in another office. There were a few friends who worked with me in an ex-office. So, it was a nice meeting with that uncle and our gang. It was an innocent get together where we shared and reminded our joyful memories. At that time also, he asked whether I would like to have a Tea.

The people who did the cleaning service is the other crowd. If I could not put a note about them, then it is lacking. Some of them were friendly to us. The time we used the washroom was the time they used to reveal their life journeys. Most of them were filled with many difficulties. 

There was one lady and she was old. She had her grandchildren too. When I was looking at her, always I thought that she is not physically strong enough to do cleaning stuff. She said that she is leaving home around 5 am to come to our office. So, it was not an easy job for her. However, she did not worry about her job or physical conditions. She came every day and did her job well. When our team gives a small gift to her at the year-end, she was so happy. Apart from her, there was one young gent and one of his kids had a tumor in the brain. For surgeries and medicine, our office crowd helped him a lot with his expenses. There was another lady and she was a bit tough. She blamed the people who did not keep the washroom clean. She used to say “now we are cleaning the others bladdy shits because of the bad karma we did in our past. In the next ego, you will do our job”.  However, nobody talked against her though we had to hear that curse when she was working on our floor. I was happy about our reactions as we could see her inner war.

The others were the drivers who gave transport to us when we were working till night. That office arranged cabs for us to go home. They were very disciplined people, and I think nobody made a complaint about them. Some of them thought we have a wonderful and happening job life. I think it's because of the chit chats we had with transport buddies. Lol... Some of them understood our real situation. They knew how hard time we had with such a work schedule. So, they instructed us to keep our health. There was one mature person and he always asked us not to use cold water for shower after working till late at night.

Regarding the coworkers, I could say that I'm lucky to have a few lifetime friends. Apart from them, I had a professional relationship with others. As everybody was not good for me, I was not good for everyone too. As I had a blacklist, I was in some other's blacklists too. As you know it cannot be avoided. So, looking back past, it was a wonderful journey to rewind. Some incidents gave good lessons for life. Still, there are some improvements to consider. But I hope that awareness directs me to the best path. 

I think this is a bit long article when comparing to previous posts.  I can write many things. Though there are many things to talk about "People at the workplace", I don't think that it is useful for you all. Here, I'm revealing this side of people because of one purpose that I have mentioned at the beginning.

The other important thing is, my career journey did not go with the other's favorations. It is all about hard-working, enormous effort, and courage. Apart from the financial benefits that I'm gaining today, that is the most rewarded thing I can share with you as a person who dealt according to the conscience.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

67.0 Don’t Let Anything Crash The Peace Of Your Mind. The Guidance To Protect! Stay Safe...

I've been continuing the posts about my amazing (horrible) career journey. But I wanted to come up with this topic because of the bad situation that we are currently facing. You all know that. COVID-19! CORONA! I think it is a suitable topic to discuss as there are many points to share with you all. For the moment all of you know how to avoid it and what are the actions you need to take.

How to wash your hands? How to use Sanitizers? How to maintain social distance, etc…? But do you think about the status of your mind? Are you aware of your thoughts? Is it a mess now? If so, why? I think that is one of the most important things in this situation that we should take care of. It is important to think about your Mind!

How do we prepare our minds to face any situation? However, it is not a skill that you can develop instantly. But still, we are not late. I think we all should start practicing it from this moment onwards. I'm not telling you that I'm a genius. But I'm happy for my mind even though I'm also practicing its skill. At least, I know when a bad thought comes to my mind. I think anger is the main thing. But with this awareness, you can turn it into merits too. That is the benefit. 

However, this Dhamma belongs to the universal truth called Buddhism. It does not depend on your nationality or religion, as it is a universal truth. So, if you wish to think about it further, then you can visit many Dhamma preaching. I learned that valuable truth via the sermons of Ven Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero. You can search it via "Maha Sinha Nadaya, Ven Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero". So, it is an additional point. One day you will understand that your bad thoughts are your enemy, and it is the only war that you need to defeat.

As you know, the imbalance between the expectation and the actual current situation is the reason for many mental diseases. We give many names such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc... Those are certain situations that happen according to the amount of that gap. As an example, think about a moment that you get angry with somebody. 

I also had such many situations. Even at this moment also I cannot get rid of it fully. But the way I think about it and face it is the difference I made. So, according to that example, we are getting angry because of that gap. What happens if we can avoid that gap? It is called acceptance. If you can accept the current situation, then there is no gap between your expectations and the current actual situation.

You should try to start with little things. Try to accept the current behaviors of your family members and tell them the correct way by removing that gap in your mind. What is the gap I’m talking about? The gap between the expectation and the actual situation. If you cannot keep them on the correct track, then you change the style of your thinking pattern. Can you change your attitudes or qualities as per your wish? Though you want to do, can you change yourself easily? No, right? You can change your appearance as per your wish. But is it easy to change your inner thoughts? No. It is not. So, if you cannot change yourself, then how can you change others? Thinking in that way is one method. 

The other thing is, you know that all of us have different thinking patterns, appearances, behaviors, qualities, and all have done according to a previous schedule. We were the ones who prepared that plan and schedule in our previous lives in this never-ending cycle of births and rebirths. So, all of us are working accordingly and now we are preparing the schedules of our next lives via our current actions. Therefore, do you believe that you can change someone's schedule? Yes. You can. But up to some extent. So, always think about the peaceful status of your mind. Don't let anybody or anything to crash it.

You might think that how do these points help on this topic. You know that we cannot face an exam, function, wedding, or anything without preparation. The people who are at the top of a particular field have come to those levels via their sacrifices and relevant practices. You can become the genius of something according to the things you have practiced most. 

So, the mind is also like that. It behaves according to our thinking pattern. Therefore, the situation that we are facing now also not a one we expected. It is not our expectation. But it is the current situation. So, that is why I wanted to discuss a bit about that mental gap via the previous paragraph. I added this point to avoid your feeling if you feel it is not required for this topic.

If you can analyze the statistics of deaths in previous years due to diseases, then you will identify one thing. It is the sickness. It is one common thing that every being has to face along with their birth. So, birth, sickness, and death are common to every one of us.

It does not depend on anything. You will be a rich person. But you will be helpless like a beggar in front of death when you got to know that you don't have medicines to buy. So, we should aware of these truths well and we should develop our minds accordingly. As humans, our mind is the great gift we received to perceive this truth. If you can face any horrible situation without worrying, then you are a great hero. 

So, all of us will start removing anger and cravings from our minds. We try to keep it pure without spoiling it. To do that I believe acceptance is the best practice. Take care of yourself and others. Do whatever that requires to get rid of this matter. Adhere to the guidance of health experts. Don't break the medical and disciplinary rules to show that you are not afraid of your death. Please don't be an idiot. Meanwhile, be conscious of your thoughts. Treat your mind well, and take care of it. There is a way to end all this cycle. But for the moment, we should face this situation as humans who have developed mindsets. Be Relax! May Triple Gems Bless You! Stay Safe! Take Care!

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